Squish #7 “Deadly Disease of Doom” is out!

Uh-oh! A deadly disease is spreading through Small Pond! People are dropping like flies! And YIKES—it looks like Squish is patient #1. Will this epic epidemic be the end of everyone’s favorite amoeba? (And if it is, who will he leave his comic collection to?!)

Find out the answers in the seventh hilarious Squish graphic novel: Deadly Disease of Doom !



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What could Pod’s new super-top-secret scientific project possibly be?



Check it out on : http://www.randomhousekids.com/books/detail/221300-squish-7-deadly-disease-of-doom?isbn=9780307983053

Bonus! Look in the back of the book to learn how to draw one of the Squish characters and to get instructions for a SENSATIONAL science experiment you can do at home!