A comedy about an amoeba. Who wears a ballcap. His name is Squish. And oddly enough, he acts like all those other kids you might meet in a middle school. If those other kids were amoeba,
paramecium, and microbes. This whole Town of Small Pond where Squish lives looks suspiciously like our own world, with its tidy streets and schools and homes. But it’s inhabited
solely by single-celled creatures with a few unicellular quirks. Algae are the cool kids, parasites can’t be trusted. bacteria always makes a mess of everything…


Key Facts

Status: In production

Format: 52×13′
Development / Showrunner: John Derevlany
Execution: Digital 2D
Producer: Cottonwood media
Broadcasters attached: Gulli, Vrt and RTBF