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Team Cottonwood

David Michel
Co-founder & President
Zoé Carrera Allaix
Co-founder Managing Director & Producer
Cécile Laurenson
Co-founder and Managing Director of Cottonwood Media, France and Germany
Sarah Haasz
Producer, Pillango Productions (Toronto)
Alexa Dosne
Creative Executive
Steve Balissat
Studio Manager
Renate Farber
Executive Assistant
Nathalie Roux
Administrative Assistant
Mickaël Guilbaud
Senior Legal Manager
Marie Hoden
Legal Advisor
Camille Lizé
Legal Advisor
Camille Da Silva
Junior Legal Advisor
Geneviève De Landtsheer
Chief Financial Officer
Caroline Hadjedj
Head of Production Finance
Juliette Rouzier
Production and Finance Coordinator
Léopold Céléreau
Financial Affairs Officer
Tiffany Weltman
Marketing Digital Director
Céline Leprince
Brands & Partnerships Manager
Mehdi Bourazza
Social Media Manager

Sales Team: Federation Kids & Family

Monica Levy
Chief International Distribution Officer
Guillaume Pommier
Chief International Distribution Officer
Sarah Zarka
Director of International Sales
Isabella Barsumian
International Sales Manager

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