About Cottonwood Media

Part of Federation Entertainment, Cottonwood Media was founded in 2014 by David Michel with partners Zoé Z. Carrera & Cécile Lauritano. Cottonwood creates, produces and invests in premium, talent-driven content with a focus on bringing together North American and European audiences, on both linear and non-linear platforms. The company’s distribution is handled by Federation Kids & Family, a division of Federation Entertainment headed by David Michel which distributes original content from both companies as well as third party acquisitions. With offices in Los Angeles and Paris, Cottonwood Media currently has four series and one feature film in development. 

About David Michel

David Michel is the president and founder of Cottonwood Media, a subsidiary of Federation Entertainment. Cottonwood creates, produces and invests in premium, talent-driven content. With over two decades of television experience producing children’s programming, Michel previously served as General Manager at Marathon Media, which he co-founded and subsequently sold to Zodiak Media.  At Marathon, he played a key role in growing the production entity into a leading global company producing family content for both the U.S. & international markets.  While there, he served as co-creator and producer of 15 international series, including the global hit Totally Spies! and more recently Get Blake (Nickelodeon).

About Zoé Z. Carrera

Carrera was a building block of Marathon Media in the early 2000s where early in her career she became its first Studio Head. Instrumental in putting together the creative team & processes behind Totally Spies! and other globally successful shows, Zoe went on to the animated movie industry becoming a Production Director and Executive Producer at Mac Guff, working on properties such as The Lorax, Kirikou and Pat et Stan. She recently held the same role at TeamTo, where she oversaw production for Yellowbird (2014).

About Cécile Lauritano

Cécile started her career in Germany as a music video and commercial producer. From there, she went on to become Managing Director of Marathon GMBH (Berlin) where she ran operations for all co-productions between Marathon’s French and German animation studios, including The Odyssey and The Famous Five. In 2004 Cécile joined Marathon’s Paris studio where she ran business affairs for all series, including Totally Spies!, until 2014. Now based between Germany and Paris, Cécile is a seasoned head of financing and business affairs with broad experience in French, Canadian, UK and US co-production.

About Monica Levy

Recently named SVP  Sales and Acquisitions for Federation Kids and Family, Monica joined the Federation team after years of experience at Marathon and Zodiak.  Monica is also responsible for drama sales in English speaking territories.